About Professional Social Workers

A social worker is a person who mostly promotes disadvantaged people by helping them for the betterment of their lives, and is also keen to understand the problems and harshness of their lives in order to come up with some life changing solutions. They can be called social workers as well as professional helpers. This profession is in demand especially in the developing countries, and is worldwide appreciated as help and support is provided to the disadvantaged people.

It’s a profession for those who have a strong desire to help the people in order to make their lives happier. These workers assist some dejected people by solving the issues, which usually turn them down for instance family breakdowns and personal issues. They also help people who face social issues, unemployment, poverty, fatal diseases, and disabilities. They offer directions and help to the deserving people in their troubles and calamities.

They also help poor and orphan children who don’t have proper homes. They help them through government funds, treatments, and education. On the other hand, they also help such parents who don’t have children, by arranging them adoptions.

A social worker or a professional worker should be well qualified. He/she must be at least having a bachelor’s degree in social work (BSW). It’s a very minimum qualification for such an important job. However, he/she should be having major subjects like Sociology, Psychology, or some other Social Sciences, or must have taken short courses in related subjects, for instance child studies, case studies, education, economics, and political sciences. For some high positions, a master’s degree is required in social work.

Some limited jobs are offered for those who have only a bachelor’s degree. Nevertheless, we can say that a bachelors’ degree is a one possible condition to enter in this field. Professional helpers are of different types in terms of service they offer some of them are given below:

Some workers work in hospitals in order to help the patients, while some treat people facing some family conflicts.

Some workers offer their services in private practice by researching and start working as administrators of social service programs, while some of them involve themselves in social encouragement. They also provide awareness on social issues like poverty, domestic violence, and homelessness.

Social workers spend their very less time in offices or residences, and are more likely to visit the attention deserving areas. They visit local areas to encourage, and promote disadvantaged people, and conduct several meetings for raising funds for deserving people. Most of the workers try to make their offices in the close vicinity of the targeted areas, so that their agency can easily access the disadvantaged people and call for get together at any time when required.


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