Interested In Becoming A Social Worker? Keep These Things In Mind

Social workers assist people who need help whether it is financial or psychological. They serve as a link between local residents and local authorities and play the role of mediators. Social work is an interesting and challenging career, and each year governments recruit a number of professionals for this field. There are plenty of jobs in the not-for-profit sector as well. Professionals in the field are also recruited by the local authorities, hospitals, mental health care facilities and many other Non Government Organizations. So whether it is the public sector or the private sector, these social specialists are needed everywhere.

If you want to become a social worker, then start preparing from high school. If you have the dedication and the patience to deal with difficult situations, and are good at advising and advocating then this is the perfect career path for you. But only innate abilities are not enough, a professional qualification is really important for social workers. Clerical positions require a Bachelor’s Degree in Social work commonly referred to as a (B.S.W). For a senior position one must get a post-graduate degree in Social Work i.e. Master’s in Social Work (M.S.W). High school students should start getting involved in volunteer work or assist social workers, to get an idea of what they will be up against later on in the profession.

A PhD in sociology, sociology or any related field will help you get higher positions in this field of work. Since the minimum qualification is a Bachelors degree; and after that you have to apply for a license to operate legally as a professional in this field. To enter into a special field like health or child welfare, a Masters degree will ensure that you are properly trained for that field. Since this field is constantly changing with new problems arising every day, social workers need regular improvement in education, which can be achieved by attending various trainings and workshops.

Social work is not a field you can enter without lots of experience, education, and determination, if you are hoping to conduct clinical work int he field, the criteria is higher, as one is required to put in at least two years of supervised field time before applying for licensure. It is rewarding no doubt, but social workers have to put in a lot of effort before getting to a certain position, and even once they, it is not a field to be taken lightly.


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