Job Outlook And Prospects For Social Workers

During the last few years there has been an increase of employment in the social sector as people are more inclined towards getting a job as a social worker. Reasons for this change are obscure, but one thing is certain that these jobs have a very high standing in the society. The increase in the number of the “too old & too young” has increased the demand for professionals in the health and social sector. The social sector caters to the need of billions of people around the world, and employment prospects are high in this sector, as machines cannot deal with problems like illiteracy, child abuse, drug abuse and other mental and social problems.

Mental health and substance abuse counselors in the field are one of the major areas of this profession. Research shows that drug usage has increased in the last few years, which is why social workers trained in the treatment of substance abuse are likely to get more jobs. The practice of putting drug addicts in prisons has changed, and they are being placed in correctional facilities, which require a lot of employees. Drug users generally require a lot of time to get in the right state requiring 24/7 surveillance plus they also need to be rehabilitated mentally.

Another rising area of social work is medical and public health. The rise is the population of the elderly is the reason why medical and health services are on the rise, as they have more health issues than the young, which is why social workers skilled in the health social sector may expect a rise in their demand.

Lastly, child, family, and school social workers are also a growing area of this profession. Statistics show that such employment is likely to rise in the near future, as family sizes are becoming larger, the demand for the child social workers is also increasing because their might arise the need to look into child abuse cases. The demand for school social workers is also likely to rise as the awareness of the people increases.

There is a positive aura in the industry, if one feels inclined towards it. If you have a Bachelors or Masters degree in the social work, then you can easily enter any field mentioned above. Government departments and NGOs are the main employers for people with such qualifications. So, if you think you have what it takes to prosper in this growing profession, then try your luck today!


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