Part Time Job As a Social Worker

Part Time Social Work in NYC can be very rewarding work. When you need a job, a good strategy is to search in an area where many jobs need to be filled. This article will guide you through the steps and information that you need for this kind of part time job. It will point you in the right direction to start your search and to the resources that you can use to maximize your chances of finding the NYC part time jobs that you want.

The field of Social Work has many NYC part time jobs that are both interesting and rewarding. During hard economic times, many people need some assistance. Perhaps, a person has lost his or her job and run out of resources, and now he needs to find housing, a job, or medical services. Maybe someone needs help leaving their abusive spouse, but does not know where to go or who to talk to. Part-time Social Work, while very demanding, is also incredibly rewarding as you can actually realize the tangible difference that you can make in the lives of people.

The other great thing about working as a Social Worker is the variety of NYC part time jobs under the social work umbrella. You can work in a school, at an assisted living home, as a substance abuse counselor, with children, with adults, with women, with men, etc… The list goes on and on. If you enjoy working with people and hearing their stories, Social Work may be just the place for you.

You should consider the following before deciding to pursue being a Social Worker in New York City:

Are you a People Person?

Social Work is all about people. Not only the people you serve, but the people with whom you work. If you are not comfortable handling a variety of situations, Social Work may not be the profession for you. As you walk around the city, begin to notice all the places looking for this type of worker. You will probably be very surprised at how many places utilize Social Workers. In fact, Social Work in one of the fastest growing careers with great potential in the future.

You must be a Certified Social Worker or CSW

In order to obtain your license as a Certified Social Worker, you must have earned a bachelor’s degree in Social Work or another related field. You must then take an exam, and pass it, in order to officially obtain your license. These exams vary from state to state and are specific to the area. You will want to be familiar with the guidelines and restrictions imposed on Social Workers for New York State. A good place to obtain this information is the National Association/Social Workers in the city. This website offers more complete resources as to how and where to obtain your license.

As a CSW you will be able to work at most entry-level Social Work jobs. You could lead group discussions, be a substance abuse counselor, work for Child Protective Services just to name a few.

Taking the next step — Masters of Social Work or MSW

Kristin obtained her MSW and then her license as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker or LCSW. This has allowed her greater earning potential, but at part-time hours. With a small son, she wanted to be home as much as possible during the day. She works part-time in the local Emergency Room on the weekends, spends five hours a week with personal clients in therapy sessions, and works two shifts a month at an inpatient hospital for the mentally ill. Not only does she love the variety, she loves her schedule. By working three part-time jobs, she earns enough money to be home with her son during most of each day, but doesn’t get burned out by seeing the same clients each day. She loves what she does and she is glad that she has the time to gain the extra license needed to gain more freedom of opportunity.

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