Tips on How to Eradicate Poverty

Many have viewed poverty as a killer disease. When this topic is brought about, questions start rolling down. How does poverty come about? Are there methods one can use to eradicate poverty? All these questions have got answers in this article.

Poverty is a state of one being unable to meet basic needs. There are many ways to cub this poverty disease.

Promote infrastructural development

Through construction of roads and other infrastructure, will ease transportation and communication in rural areas. Poor roads and poor communication network has led to the people in rural areas slugging behind in development. Good roads will ease transportation of raw materials to rural areas thus improving the living standards of rural people.

Create employment opportunities

Constructing small scale industries in rural areas will create jobs for residents living around those areas. Through job opportunities one is able to earn a good living biding goodbye to poverty. This will be met by good infrastructure in those areas.

Educate people on how to save

Being used to hand and mouth is a big problem in rural areas. The people believe that what they get for that day is consumable for that specific day. They never think about tomorrow. Being educated through seminars and conferences will be an eye opener for them to know how to save. Through saving poverty is likely to be a bygone.

Promote agriculture and farming

Agriculture is the major way to get food in rural areas. Providing improvised tools and farming methods will increase food production for export and own use. This is a great way for rural people to overcome poverty.

Create credit facilities

Improvising credit facilities like giving loans to residents in those areas. Giving loans to youths to start up businesses will enable them to fight poverty in those areas. Loans can also help improve farming in the area like buying fertilizers to facilitate farming.

Sporting opportunities

By youths engaging in sports, they will be able to earn a living even though the pay is not that big enough but at least they will be in a position to cater for their needs.

Reduce on malaria

Implementing preventive and curative measures on killer malaria disease will help cut on finances spent on the dangerous malaria disease. This will increase savings.

Avoid corruption

Corruption is the greatest setback for development. By putting in place measures to cub corruption rural people are likely to Change their living standards.

Promote peace and unity

A peaceful area is likely to attract investors. Having a peaceful rural area will attract more investors in the area and when they invest, jobs are likely to be available for the residents thus poverty will be a thing of the past.

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